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It’s important to have confidence that the Point Of Sale system you are about to invest in works well in your business environment, so Today Software has provided a link below to download a free trial version of POSperfect.

You can load a limited number of products into the system and learn how easy it is to manage inventory, make sales and monitor your business’s success before committing to purchase.  Any work you do on inputting Vendors, Departments, Classes, Barcodes, SKUs etc can be exported and retained when you decide to proceed with purchase of the full POSperfect license.

If you have any questions or would like some guidance in getting started, our support technicians will be happy to help you.  Simply email support@today.co.nz or call us on +64-9-520-1486 to speak to one of our friendly technicians.

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This trial version of POSperfect is limited to 100 products and 30 days.