User Guides and Manuals

POSperfect User Guides

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Setup Configuration

This user guide covers the setup of the system and how to configure it to activate specific functions

Includes instructions on setting up:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Dashboard
  • Receipt Format
  • Payment Medias
  • Emailing from POSperfect
  • Barcoding
  • Auto Login
  • Enabling Age Verification prompts
  • Duty Free
  • Customer Displays
  • Gift Vouchers
  • PDTs

Back Office User Manual

This covers the administration functions of your system and applies to both systems running POSsales and POStouch

Includes instructions on setting up:

  • Barcoding
  • Creditors
  • Debtors
  • Customer Discount Matrix
  • Managing Stock
  • Reporting
  • Maintenance


POStouch User Manual

Describes the functions and setups for POSperfect when running in Touch Screen Mode

Includes instructions on:

  • Login Screen
  • Making a Cash sale
  • Changing Item lines in Sales screen
  • Changing Price Levels within a Sale
  • Selling multiples of one item\
  • Making an EFTPOS sale
  • Making a sale by credit card
  • Price Lookup
  • Sales Quote
  • Stock Item Search
  • Creating a Customer record
  • Make an Account Sale
  • Debtors Reports
  • Making a sale using more than one media type
  • Making a marked down sale
  • Making a discounted sale
  • Making a sale utilising Loyalty Points
  • Making a promotional (Mix/Match / Package) Sale
  • Making a Foreign Currency Sale (Cash only)
  • Making a Sale with Open Description item
  • Gift Voucher Sales
  • Redeeming a Gift Voucher / Credit Note issued to customer
  • Gift Voucher Enquiry
  • Making a Stock Reassignment
  • Creating a Layby
  • Accepting a Layby Payment
  • Accepting payment to an account
  • Return of Stock Sold on Cash Sale
  • Editing customer information
  • Ordering items for a customer
  • Making a payment for ordered items
  • Arranging Delivery of Sale items. 49
  • Stock Write-off
  • Holding or Suspending a Sale
  • End-of-Day functions
  • Resetting the system at the close of trading
  • Sample Report (End-of Day/Blind Balance)


POSsales User Manual

Describes the functions and setups for POSperfect when running in standard mode and using Mouse and Keyboard.


POSperfect Inventory

Detailed instructions for managing stock, ordering and receiving goods and learning how to use the powerful Inventory Management features of POSperfect.


Corporate Controller User Guides


Corporate Controller Overview

This document provides an overview of the features and functions of the Corporate Controller

Corporate Controller Manual

User Manual for the Corporate Controller


PDT User Guides


PDTperfect User Guide

A step by step guide for using Today Software’s PDTperfect application


Honeywell Dolphin Wireless User Guide

A step by step guide for getting a Honeywell Dolphin 6500 PDT onto your wireless network