Today Software


Today Software was founded in 1987, with POSperfect being released soon after. The product was stable and with advanced features far beyond what competitors offered.  It wasn’t long before businesses started recognizing the superiority of POSperfect.

As POSperfect gained market share, we were approached by large retail chains who wanted to use our software, but needed to manage multiple stores from a central hub. From this, our multi-store and corporate controller software was born. We have been using this software with several large chains ever since, including Super Liquor and Storage Box.

We have been steadily growing our market share since day one, and building off of a strong base in the Pacific region, have expanded into the global market. We now have offices in Plano Texas, Brisbane Australia and Auckland New Zealand.

At the helm of our company are our owners Dale Kelly, Mark Jones and Zhen Liu. Between them is a vast number of years of experience in Retail Management software. The development of POSperfect and related software is all done in house and not outsourced to foreign companies.

More and more customers in a variety of retail markets around the world are recognizing the superior feature set, stability and pricing of Today Software’s products, and benefit daily from the solid support we provide. We look forward to even more growth and the advancement of our products into niches not yet tapped in a modern online world, and would be pleased to have you on board.