If you’re looking for a point of sale package that’s as reliable as it is robust,
you’ve just found the answer.


POSperfect is an industry leader, and has a reputation and clientele which precedes it. POSperfect is the result of 25 years of listening to our customers and building the point of sale software that they want to use, and serves as the bedrock for thousands of retail stores worldwide, ranging from small shops all the way up to large retail chains.

At its heart, POSperfect is designed around the SKU/PLU system, allowing you to set up ratios between the stock you receive and the stock you sell, and giving you the power to divide up and sell your stock however you see fit.

POSperfect’s extensive reporting options present complex information in a simple format, putting the control in your hands. Discover which products are hot and which are not, and stop wasting precious shelf space on products simply not worth stocking. You’ll know exactly when stock needs to be replenished and your customers will never be left high and dry.

POSperfect is simple, but with the ability to be customized right down to the finest detail, is versatile enough to be used in any retail business, no matter the industry. Our software runs in sites ranging from Auto parts stores to Zoos.

POSperfect is simple to use. With its intuitive interface, our clients have no trouble getting up to speed within a couple of hours. Your staff will be making sales with minimal training.

Minimum system recommendations = Dual Core Celeron with 2 GB ram.  We do not recommend using POSperfect with Atom processors.

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