PDT Perfect

PDTperfect is a new software interface that integrates with POSperfect allowing you to use a Portable Data Terminal (PDT) in place of a PC for many common tasks.  PDTperfect utilises the latest technology from the Honeywell EDA51 which is a small and slim device, with excellent ergonomics to update POSperfect from the shop floor!

Stock takes

Do a SKU or PLU stock on-hand count on the PDT and post the document to POSperfect!!  The PDT has enough flash memory to allow for full or partial stock takes. No need to go back to the PC!

Shelf Replenishment

Create an order from the shelves. Create the document on the PDT and release it to POSperfect!   The PDT will even give you real-time sales history for the product and create a suggested order amount.

Receiving Stock

When your stock arrives, you can go to the stock scan it into the system with PDTperfect rather than bringing the stock to the computer

Price Check

Instantly check the price of any SKU or PLU.  The PDT will tell you the price of the item and any active special pricing

Queue Busting

Make sales via the PDT and simply give the customer a card to take to the till with them.  Saves time during busy periods and makes custom orders a breeze

*Software Maintenance must be paid up to date to utilise PDT functionality.