Customer Loyalty

A POSperfect Premium Licence is already fully equipped to handle all of your loyalty and gift voucher requirements.  There is no need for you to purchase expensive 3rd party loyalty systems.  Today Software does not charge commission on loyalty program sales like many companies do and once your customer loyalty system is in place, the on-going costs are minimal.


 Today Software can integrate your loyalty or gift card system with an e-commerce solution, allowing your customers to earn and redeem loyalty points and gift cards both in-store and online.

Customer Retention is one of the most important aspects of a successful retail operation and loyalty programs are widely recognised  as one of the most cost effective ways to create an incentive for your customers to keep coming back.  A good loyalty program appeals to human nature and can seriously reduce your churn rate when implemented well.

Successful Loyalty Campaigns employ a number of techniques to entice people to return to your business and potentially spend more on each visit.  One of the most powerful techniques is to give the customer a head-start towards their rewards.  A few bonus points on registration of their new card will increase the chances of that customer utilising your rewards program by nearly 50%.

Make sure the rewards are clearly stated and set concrete goals for your customers to strive for.

POSperfect is capable of running a wide range of loyalty options that can be customised to suit your business.  A variety of mediums are available to you and your customers including cards with barcodes, cards with magnetic strips, key chains, dog tags and many more.   Simply input the card’s number or scan the barcode into the customer’s account details and their rewards card links to their account.   Even if the customer forgets their card, the operator can simply look up their customer details and their rewards balance will be displayed.

The Price Level feature in POSperfect allow you to easily set up an automatic discount to be applied to specific products for customers who have a VIP card.  Another approach is to run a percentage based loyalty system where a customer earns a percentage of their total spend as loyalty points and once their balance exceeds a pre-determined level, they can redeem them in-store.