Corporate Controller

Our Corporate Controller package is a multi-branch retail management system.


The Corporate Controller retrieves and records every transaction and stock movement from every store. The database is designed for maximum efficiency and performance when reporting on sales and inventory in large retail chains. The store selections are highly versatile so that any combination of any stores linked to store types, regions and advertising groups may be selected for a report and the report optionally consolidated.

Drill down is also provided with graphical reporting at any of the drill down levels. In a few seconds the system can provide an inventory snapshot report for any combination of stores and across any date period with consolidation of stores if required.Powerful tools for central administration of the many aspects of the product/price and group catalogs are available. The flexibility of the database and communications allows for data elements to be either centrally or store level maintained, and for different stores to have different capabilities.

The Corporate Controller allows both store level inventory management and central inventory management. A centralised purchase ordering system allows single purchase orders for multiple stores/warehouses integrated with store level stock receipting and interbranch transfers. The Corporate Controller retains a copy of every inventory order or other control document such as Inter-brand Transfers, and distributes these documents to each branch system.

Flexible fiscal periods can be defined for weeks, months, years, seasons and other user defined fiscal periods. A suite of integrated multi-branch accounting modules are integrated with the inventory, stock, sales and purchasing modules to deliver a comprehensive and flexible multi-branch Retail Management System integrated with POSperfect and Branch Back Office system.

The data communications between systems are integrated into the applications, but make use of standard TCP-IP networking protocols. Communications can be inline (permanent but non-dependent) connections to each store, or via scheduled batch polling.

Corporate Controller Screenshots

Corporate Controller1

Corporate Controller2