Multi-store Controller

Our Multi Store Controller package enables you to connect multiple stores using POSperfect over the internet or a virtual private network. Updates and data retrieval into the system are seamless and automatic and offer individual or consolidated reporting for a single store or all stores.


For businesses that have multiple sites, a simple, reliable and effective way to link them together is essential.  The ability to transfer goods between stores, lookup stock in other locations and report on all stores or a sub-set of stores are key to managing a successful company. POSperfect's Multi Store Controller allows all of these functions and much, much more.

By linking stores together and allowing centralisation of products, vendors and pricing, the business immediately becomes far more efficient.  Duplicated data entry becomes a thing of the past and instead, your staff can focus on the important tasks at hand.

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Multi Store Controller screenshots:


Screenshot of a dashboard which gives an instant overview of each store's performance for the day.

Multi Store Controller

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