Benefits of POSperfect

We stand out by providing your business with efficiency, transparency and the ability to better understand your systems. POSperfect allows everything to be integrated and transparent from head office to showroom floor.


Fault Tolerance

Let’s face it. Computers break down, and when they do you need to continue making sales. One of the guiding principles behind the development of POSperfect is fault tolerance. In the event of hardware failure on the master terminal, all other terminals can continue to make sales. If data is lost, POSperfect has means in place to make a full recovery possible.



POSperfect is not only compatible with all modern hardware and operating systems, but also deals very well with edge cases. 64bit Windows 7? No problem.  POSperfect plays well with a large variety of legacy hardware. Don’t throw away those old receipt printers just yet. Our software integrates with a majority of EFTPOS terminals available on the New Zealand market. POSperfect also supports Wedderburn weighing scales.

Audit Trail

When you’re dealing with peoples’ money it’s important to know exactly where it went. With our detailed audit trail you can track an individual staff member’s actions. POSperfect will help you avoid fraud.


POSperfect is feature rich, and does what most of the competitors’ package can’t. We’ve been incrementally adding to and improving our software for 25 years based on our customers feedback, and there aren’t many stones left unturned.

The team behind POSperfect

We have a well-staffed helpdesk available during regular business hours and on call outside of regular business hours so you’re never without a lifeline. Our developers are in-house and ready to work on any issues that may crop up.

Software as a service

Software as a Service enables start-up or fledgling companies to license POSperfect at a low monthly outgoing rather than trying to obtain finance at high interest rates. The benefit for you is that your expansion dollars go toward your own business.